inventory control, point of sale, inventory, pos

inventory control, point of sale

Inventory control and management in a point of sale (POS) environment is one of the most difficult jobs you can find. While there are many inventory control / point of sale packages available on the market, they are generally difficult to use and can be quite expensive.

If you are looking for an easy to use solution that won't break the bank, come see for yourself how the Atrex Inventory Control / POS software can make your operation run more efficiently. It's the ideal solution for the retail or wholesale business that needs an inventory control and management solution at an affordable price.

Need more than just inventory control? Atrex also handles point of sale invoicing, orders, quotes, purchase orders, service orders, RMAs, and even links to several popular e commerce solutions so you can take orders online and transfer them directly into to Atrex.

So come visit our site, download a free (fully functional) evaluation copy of Atrex today, and see how Atrex can do for your business.

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